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Treatment concept

Do you suffer from chronic headaches, tinnitus, or migraines? Does the battle with pain interfere with your everyday activities, leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated? Our goal is to help you feel better soon. The expert network for headaches is a private network of doctors and therapist from a range of disciplines, providing professional diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders and a broad range of therapeutic treatment options. From years of research and experience we know that most patients presenting with pain can be helped, even when all courses of treatment seem to be exhausted and you yourself may even no longer believe your symptoms can be alleviated. Many problems respond to conservative therapy and, particularly with headaches, the chances are good that we can alleviate all or most of your pain without surgical intervention or medication.

Chronic headaches that cannot be traced to organic illness are often linked with dysfunction of the sensitive region connecting the head and the neck. Pain is not caused exclusively by physical stimuli; factors such as emotion, experience, and cultural conditioning also play a role in the subjective experience of pain. But when your brain receives signals about defective conditions in your body, it can be a crucial contributor to pain. With chronic primary headache and some other disorders, what are called dysfunctional stimuli in the region of the head and neck – craniomandibular dysfunction – disturb your brain’s ability to process the signals. The dysfunction in the relevant part of your body leads to faulty processing of stimuli, which triggers pain. The cause of those stimuli might be stress, whiplash, problems with your temporomandibular (or jaw) joint, autoimmune disorders, or sleep deficiency. It sound unpleasant and can cause the sufferer distress, but the silver lining is that these are exactly the problems that our therapy addresses!

CSC therapy

CSC (Cephalon stimulating concept) is a new, unique, and unusual mode of treating all of those illness triggers, which we have developed in close cooperation with participating therapists, and many years of intensive evaluation of various therapeutic approaches. As part of the therapy, local dysfunction of the upper cervical vertebrae and the TMJ are corrected, alleviating further dysfunctional stimuli to the brain and allowing it to return to normal processing of signals - pain is diminished or disappears entirely.

In order for the treatment to be successful, the patient must first undergo a thorough examination and the nature of the disorder must be clarified exactly. The goal of the therapy is to stabilize and harmonize the head-neck region. That is done by realigning the TMJ with a mouthguard and targeted treatment of the cervical spine with physiotherapy and manipulation. A profession-al and accurate diagnosis, along with close cooperation between the various medical disciplines is a key factor in the successful treatment of our patients. Please ask us for more information!