Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen Team

The Team

Using our combined strength in the service of your health. That is the thought that drives our team, which has been consciously put together from experts working independently in a variety of medical disciplines. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to investigate the origins of the pain and remedy it together, because only an integrated concept can be effective in dealing with the continuous interplay of the craniomandibular system with other organs in the body and with the psyche. This is a pathbreaking approach. Drawing on the physiotherapeutic findings of Dean Watson www.watsonheadache.com, as well as the dentistry methods of Gerd Christiansen www.cmd-compact.de, we have done years of research to develop a concept for this therapy, which is unique in the world, and which is based primarily on closer observation of the joint cavity, which is often constricted in a dysfunctional TMJ. We assume that the disorders are not caused by the local circumstances, but rather by the traces they leave in the neural system. Our therapeutic measures are intended to influence and normalize the faulty stimuli processing in the brain to make sure that the pain also disappears. So that we always remain up on the latest developments, we include neuroscience approaches, as well as modern physical and scientific findings in the basic disciplines in our medical practice, enabling us to achieve great results in treating our patients. In addition, we are intensively involved with issues of medical theory and philosophy. Get to know us and our revolutionary methods – it will be good for you!

Our team includes:

Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen David Gough

David Gough M.Sc.
physiotherapeutic pain therapy

Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen Dr. Steinbock

Dr. drs. Christoph Steinbock M. Sc
dentist, functional therapy, dental pain therapy

Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen Ingo Heinzelmann

Ingo Heinzelmann
dental technician and laboratory director

Linda E. Schwarze
occupational therapist and coach
Ausbildung: Cranio-Sacrale-Integration, ASI – Akademie für somatische Integration
Coach, QRC – Zertifiziert (Jörg Schiebel)

Other team members:

Dr. Torsten Eichenauer

Dr. Rudolf Pape
Allgemeinmedizin, Palliativmedizin, Ernährungsmedizin