Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen

Kompetenznetzwerk Kopfschmerzen

Treatment concept

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Do you suffer from chronic headaches, tinnitus, or migraines? Does the battle with pain interfere with your everyday activities, leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated? Our goal is to help you feel better soon. The expert network for headaches is a private network of doctors and therapist from a range of disciplines, providing professional diagnosis and therapy of functional disorders and a broad range of therapeutic more...

Range of treatments

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Our conservative therapy can greatly improve the quality of life of many patients suffering from chronic pain. The first step in the treatment is an extensive and thorough examination, which forms the foundation of the relationship of trust that is necessary for the doctor and patient to work together. We do this in two steps. At the headache center, the first is a dental and functional examination of the craniomandibular assisted tools. more...

Course of treatments

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As a patient in pain, you might have a long history of suffering behind you, with many visits to doctors, and want nothing more than a quick cure or at least some fast help in ameliorating your symptoms. That is understandable – yet we ask for your patience, because your time, and especially your active participation, are very important to successful treatment. more...

The Team

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Using our combined strength in the service of your health. That is the thought that drives our team, which has been consciously put together from experts in a variety of medical disciplines. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to investigate the origins of the pain and remedy it together, because only an integrated concept can be effective in dealing with the more...